Welcome to all participants who will join the 2019 Ross/Asia Mathematics Program.

TRAVEL to Zhenjiang.

All participants must arrive at our dormitory before 5 PM on Sunday July 7. Those flying to China from other countries are advised to arrive in Shanghai on Friday July 5, stay overnight in the airport hotel, and take our chartered bus at 8 AM on Saturday morning.

The Ross/Asia Travel Plan provides advice for traveling to the Jiangsu Aviation Technical College in Zhenjiang:

  • Visa Information

Participants who are not Chinese citizens will need a valid passport from their home country, and a Chinese visa. Here are 3 documents providing instructions and advice on how to apply for an appropriate visa:

The visa application form section 2.6 asks for your “Itinerary in China.” It’s best to leave that blank and email your partially completed PDF form to Jerry Xiao jxiao@renashall.com. He will proofread your entries, insert the appropriate itinerary, and mail it back to you.

  • Payment Options

Each participant’s fee pays for room and board (college dorm room and cafeteria meals), and all instructional costs. Payment options are described in the Payment Instructions document below. The first page is for participants outside China, and the second page is for those in China. The first installment is due by May 15.

Payment Instructions
Credit Card Form

DOCUMENTS required for Ross/Asia.

  • REGISTRATION FORM. When your travel plans have been made, complete the Registration Form . That form asks about your emergency contacts and for details of your arrival plans.

  • PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT. Please read the documents Program Rules and Standards of Behavior.
    Download the Participation Agreement, type in the requested information, print the document on paper, sign that paper copy, and have your parent sign it. Finally, scan that signed document, and email the resulting PDF to info@rossmathasia.org.
    Please bring the signed paper copy of that Participation Agreement and give it to a Ross staff member when you arrive.

  • WHAT TO BRING to the Ross Program? Suggestions on what things to pack (and what to leave at home) appear in Bring.

  • MAILING ADDRESS. To send a package or letter to a Ross participant during those five weeks, use the following address:
        ( Student’s Name )
        (To be filled in later)

    Download the Medical Authorization form, type your information into the text boxes, print the form on paper, fill in the medical information (using black ink), have it signed by your parent or guardian, scan the signed document, and email the resulting PDF to us at info@rossmathasia.org . That form asks about your health history, current medications, food restrictions, and emergency contacts (typically, parents’ phone numbers).

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