Welcome to all Counselors who will join the 2019 Ross/Asia Mathematics Program.

Travel to Zhenjiang.

The Counselor Travel Plan contains advice on traveling to our dormitory at the Jiangsu Aviation Technical College in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China.

Counselors need to arrive at our dorm before noon on Saturday July 6.  Those flying to China from other countries are advised to arrive in Shanghai on Friday July 5, stay overnight in the airport hotel, and take our chartered bus at 8 AM on Saturday morning.

Visa Information

Participants who are not Chinese citizens will need a valid passport from their home country, and a Chinese visa. Here are 3 documents providing instructions and advice on how to apply for an appropriate visa:

The visa application form section 2.6 asks for your “Itinerary in China.” It’s best to leave that blank and email your partially completed PDF form to Jerry Xiao jxiao@renashall.com. He will proofread your entries, insert the appropriate itinerary, and mail it back to you.

Registration and Itinerary

When your travel plans have been made, complete the Registration Form . That form asks about your emergency contacts and for details of your arrival plans.

Employment Contract

Print the Employment contract, fill in the parts indicated, scan the signed document to make a PDF file, and email that file to info@rossmathasia.org.

At the first meeting (at noon on Saturday July 6), counselors will complete some other empolyment documents.

Background check

Please download the background check authorization, fill it in, print it, sign it, scan the signed document, and upload the resulting PDF to our secure Dropbox. We will run a USA background check based on your name and SSN.
If you do not have a US Social Security Number, enter zero in the SSN box.

Agreements for Campers

Ross campers and JCs are asked to read Program Rules and Standards of Behavior, and then to sign the Participation Agreement. As a counselor, you do not need to sign that Agreement, and you may bring a laptop computer. But please read through those three documents because counselors play a large role in ensuring that those Rules and Stndards are followed.
These issues will be discussed further during counselor meetings.

What to bring to Ross/Asia?

Suggestions on what things campers should pack (and what to leave at home) appear in Bring). Most of that advice also applies to counselors.

Medical Information.

Download the Medical Authorization form, type your information into the text boxes, print the form on paper, and fill in the medical information (using black ink), and sign where indicated.
If you are under 21 please have your parent (or guardian) sign it instead. Then scan the signed document, and email the resulting PDF to us at info@rossmathasia.org .
That form asks for some of your health history, current medications, food restrictions, and emergency contacts (typically, parents’ phone numbers).
One purpose for this document is to provide information to doctors who might treat you for injuries or illnesses during your time here.


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