Counselor Arrival Information for Ross/Asia

Welcome to all Counselors who will join the 2019 Ross/Asia Mathematics Program.

Here is a link to a PDF file containing advice on traveling to our dormitory in Zhenjiang: Counselor Travel Plan

Counselors need to arrive at our dorm before noon on Saturday July 6.   Those flying to China from other countries are advised to arrive in Shanghai on Friday July 5, stay overnight in the airport hotel, and take our chartered bus at 8 AM on Saturday morning.

Visa Information

Participants who are not Chinese citizens will need a valid passport from their home country, and a Chinese visa. Here are 3 documents providing instructions and advice on how to apply for an appropriate visa:

The visa application form section 2.6 asks for your “Itinerary in China.” It’s best to leave that blank and email your partially completed PDF form to Jerry Xiao []. He will proofread your entries, insert the appropriate itinerary, and mail it back to you.