Arrival Information for Ross/USA

Welcome to all participants who will join the 2019 Ross/USA Mathematics Program.
To help things run smoothly, please complete the following steps.
( They do not need to be done in the order given here! )

TRAVEL to Columbus Ohio.

Everyone must arrive before 5 PM on Sunday June 23 (unless you made other arrangements with Ross administrators).
If you are traveling from the USA’s West Coast or from overseas, please plan to arrive on Saturday June 22.

Visit the Ross Itinerary Page for arrival details and a link to the online form where you report your itinerary and provide emergency contact information.

    Please read the documents Program Rules and Standards of Behavior.
    Download the Participation Agreement and type in the requested information. Print the document on paper, sign that paper copy, and have your parent sign it. Then scan the signed document, and email the resulting PDF to
    Please bring the signed paper copy of that Participation Agreement and give it to a Ross staff member when you arrive.

  • FEE PAYMENT OPTIONS. The Program Fees document outlines payment methods.
        Be sure to pay those fees before June 10, 2019.

  • WHAT TO BRING to the Ross Program?
    Suggestions on what things to pack (and what to leave at home) appear in Bring.

    To send a package or letter to a Ross participant during those six weeks, use the following address:
        ( Student’s Name )
        c/o Ross Math Program
        Ohio Dominican University
        1216 Sunbury Road
        Columbus, OH 43219


There are two items to complete and return in two separate email messages:

  • Download the Medical Authorization form, fill in the requested information, print the form on paper, have it signed by your parent or guardian, and email it to us at .
    That form asks for some of your health history, current medications, emergency contact information (parents phone numbers), and provides permission for doctors to treat you in case of injuries or illnesses during your time here.

  • Scan the front and back of your medical insurance card, and email the resulting PDF file to , with the subject line “insurance card” followed by the name of the student.

Ross participants must have health insurance that protects them from major expenses due to medical emergencies.
Such events are very rare, but can happen. Someone might have an accident or illness that results in tens of thousands of dollars of fees for hospitals and doctors.

The Ross Program’s insurance requirement is fulfilled if your current insurance policy covers “emergency medical care” in Ohio, even if it does not cover routine care. Of course you are welcome to purchase additional insurance if desired.

Do not already have insurance?
Many companies offer short term insurance policies that cover major medical expenses. Costs vary depending on the deductible, maximum coverage, and extras (like coverage during your travel). For example, see the various companies and policies listed at:   Visitors Coverage .

Some Chinese participants purchased insurance policies valid in the USA through the Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company of China, or the People’s Insurance Company of China.

Please let us know if you are having difficulty arranging for such medical insurance.