Arrival Information for Ross/USA Counselors

Welcome to counselors at the 2019 Ross/USA Mathematics Program.


Counselors need to arrive at our dormitory in Columbus
    before noon on Saturday, June 22.

  • FLYING to the Columbus Airport (CMH): Staff members will meet Ross participants as they arrive. Please plan to arrive or Friday evening June 21, or on Saturday morning.
          Counselor meeting will begin with lunch on SATURDAY June 22.
    If you have a long flight, please plan to arrive on Friday. Shuttles from the airport to the dorm will run as needed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The people using Lynam Hall (our dorm) before us are scheduled to move out on Friday. Several rooms will be cleaned quickly so that counselors can move in on Friday evening.

  • DRIVING: Here are Driving Directions to Ohio Dominican University.

  • DEPARTURE: The final lecture, awards presentations, and goodbyes will be completed by 11:00 on Friday morning August 2. Please plan your departing flights to leave that Friday after 2 PM. Shuttles will get participants the airport more than an hour before their flights.
    You may stay in the dorm on Friday night, but everyone needs to be away on Saturday morning, August 3.

Registration and Itinerary

When your travel plans have been made, complete the Registration Form.
That online form is designed for campers rather than counselors, but please use it anyway. It asks for information about your arrival plans, as well as for contact information for you and your parent (or other emergency contact person), in case of difficulties during travel.

What to Bring

Please read the What to Bring document that is written for campers and their parents. Counselors may ignore the restriction on computers: Please bring a laptop.

Note that Ross participants are enrolled in the University’s linen service, providing a clean towel, pillowcase, and sheets each week. Since they do not provide pillows, you may either bring a pillow or purchase one after you arrive. If you need more than one towel per week, you may bring your own or purchase new ones, washing and drying your towels as needed.

Employment Contract

Please download the employment contract, fill in the dates that you will be arriving and departing, sign it, scan it, and upload it to our Dropbox.

REMINDER: Bring your passport or equivalent identification documents. That ID are required to complete the tax documents.

Background check

Please download and complete the background check authorization document and then upload it to our Dropbox.

Agreements for Campers

Ross campers and JCs are asked to read Program Rules and Standards of Behavior, and then to sign the Participation Agreement. As a counselor, you do not need to sign that Agreement, and you may bring a computer. But you should be familiar with the content of those three documents because you will play a large role in ensuring that those Rules and Stndards are followed. These issues will be discussed further during counselor meetings.

Medical Information.

Two items are needed: the Medical Authorization form and a copy of your medical insurance card.

  • Download the Medical Authorization form, fill in the requested information, print the form on paper, and sign where indicated. If you are under 21 please have your parent (or guardian) sign it as well. Then scan the signed document and email it to us at .
    That form asks for some of your health history, current medications, and emergency contact information (typically, parents’ phone numbers).
    The point is to provide permission for doctors to treat you in case of injuries or illnesses during your time here.

  • Scan the front and back of your medical insurance card, and email the resulting PDF file to , with the subject line “insurance card” followed by your name.

Ross participants must have health insurance that protects them from major expenses due to medical emergencies.
Such events are very rare, but can happen. Someone might have an accident or illness that results in tens of thousands of dollars of fees for hospitals and doctors.

The Ross Program’s insurance requirement is fulfilled if your current insurance policy covers “emergency medical care” in Ohio, even if it does not cover routine care. Of course you are welcome to purchase additional insurance if desired.

Do not already have insurance?
Many companies offer short term insurance policies that cover major medical expenses. Costs vary depending on the deductible, maximum coverage, and extras (like coverage during your travel). For example, see the various companies and policies listed at:   Visitors Coverage .

Let us know if you are having difficulty arranging for such medical insurance.

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