Arrival Information for Ross/USA Counselors

Welcome to counselors at the 2019 Ross/USA Mathematics Program.

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Welcome to counselors at the 2019 Ross/USA Mathematics Program.


Counselors need to arrive at our dormitory in Columbus before noon on Saturday, June 22.

  • FLYING to the Columbus Airport (CMH): Ross staff members will meet Ross participants as they arrive. Please plan to arrive Saturday morning, or Friday evening.
          First counselor meeting is at NOON on SATURDAY June 22.
    If you have a long flight, please plan to arrive in Columbus on Friday, June 21. Shuttles from the airport to the dorm will run as needed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Others in our dormitory are scheduled to move out on Friday.
After the rooms are cleaned, they will be ready for Ross people to move in on Saturday. We were told that several rooms can be cleaned early, and will be available on Friday evening.

  • DRIVING: We will post driving directions on this website.

    All counselors will meet on June 22 starting at noon. Please arrange your travels so that you can join us there.

  • DEPARTURE: The final lecture, awards presentations, and goodbyes will be completed by 11:00 on Friday morning August 2. Please plan your departing flights are for that Friday after 2 PM. Shuttles will get participants the airport more than an hour before their flights.
    It might be possible to stay overnight in the dorm on Friday night, but everyone needs to be away by early Saturday morning, August 3.

Ross Documents

Several documents for counselors will soon be posted here. These will include a request for your itinerary (full arrival and departure plans); a statement of Ross Program Policies and standard Rules of Behavior; a Contract to print, sign and return; instructions on getting a background check; information about having custody and control of minors; a request for your health history and your health insurance details; the “Ross Counselor Manual”; etc.