Arrival Itinerary Information for Ross/USA

Welcome to all participants who will join the 2019 Ross/USA Mathematics Program.

Travel to Columbus

Participants are expected to arrive at our dormitory in Columbus
before 5:00 PM on Sunday, June 23

When your travel plans have been made, complete the Registration Form.
That online form asks for information about your arrival plans, as well as for contact information for you and your parents, in case of difficulties during travel.

  • FLYING to the John Glenn Airport (CMH) in Columbus, Ohio:
    Ross staff members will be in the baggage claim area to meet participants as they arrive.
    If you are flying from the USA’s Pacific coast or from overseas, please plan to arrive in Columbus on Saturday, June 22. Then you will have time to recover from the trip before starting mathematical work on Sunday evening.
    Shuttles from the airport to the dorm will run as needed on that Saturday and Sunday.

  • DRIVING: Here are Driving Directions to Ohio Dominican University.

  • NOTE TO PARENTS. You are welcome to travel with your son or daughter to the Ross Program, and to attend the Orientation Meeting at 7 PM on Sunday. However:
        it is OK for your child to travel alone.
    Ross staff members will take over care and custody of your child when s/he arrives at the Columbus airport. If s/he is young and taking long flights for the first time, you might ask the airline about the option of traveling as an “unaccompanied minor”.

  • DEPARTURE: The final lecture, awards presentations, and goodbyes will be completed by 11:00 on Friday morning August 2. Departing flights are best scheduled to leave on that Friday after 2 PM. Shuttles will be scheduled so that participants gets to the airport more than an hour before their flights.
    If a Friday afternoon departure is inconvenient, you may schedule a Saturday flight. Students may stay in the dorm on that Friday night, but everyone needs to be away by early Saturday morning, August 3.