Working as a Ross Counselor

The Ross Program will hire counselors to work at Ross/USA and at Ross/Asia. Counselors supervise and advise the first-year students and junior counselors, and oversee dormitory life. Counselors are expected to arrive a day or two earlier than the official starting date and to continue working for the duration of the summer session.

If interested, please apply.
NOTE: Many well-qualified students have applied for counselor positions.
    Only a few spot remain open.

Application Requirements

A Ross Counselor needs a strong background in mathematics, and good social skills. We prefer applicants who are either math graduate students or undergraduate math majors who have completed at least two years of college. Applicants are expected to have completed a college course on Abstract Algebra, and to have some experience with elementary number theory.
Prior knowledge of all the Course Topics is not required.

Each counselor needs to pass a standard background check. Depending on your citizenship status, you might need to obtain an appropriate visa (US or Chinese) to join the Ross Program.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic origin, disability status, or protected veteran status.

Counselor Responsibilities

Counselors are role models for the younger students. Counselors supervise dormitory life, evaluate (grade) the mathematical work submitted by their family of students, and provide gentle hints and advice to help inspire students to stay focused on their math problems. In addition, counselors participate in one or two math courses (topics vary from year to year) and are encouraged to organize their own lectures or short courses in the dorm.


In exchange for six weeks of work, Ross/USA provides each counselor with room and board, and a salary. Ross/USA does not reimburse any travel expenses.

Counselors at Ross/Asia work for five weeks with a smaller salary, but are reimbursed for travel expenses.