Mission Statement

It is our belief that mathematics is a genuine and rich human experience. At Ross, we are dedicated to creating an environment that allows students to explore their relationships with mathematics. We are dedicated to creating an experience that allows students to dive into mathematics deeply, to contemplate and experience mathematics for themselves, and to share in this exploration and joy with others.

Many Ross students go on to be leaders not only in mathematics, but also in business, technology, and other fields of scientific research. Certainly, the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills is an aim of the Ross program, and is applicable to these fields and more; but the value of a mathematics education lies far beyond these—it allows students to contemplate and reflect on their own lives, on the ways they interact and belong to their communities, and how to live with and in the world. The Ross Program helps students along their life journeys, wherever they may lead.

The Ross program is also dedicated to creating communities which are diverse, inclusive, and welcoming. Our world is one which is plagued by inequities, whether due to race, class, gender, religious background, and otherwise. At the Ross program, we welcome and support students of all backgrounds (personal and mathematical), in the hopes of broadening the realm of mathematics.