The role of the administrators is to handle the administrative tasks and logistics related to running the camp, while the role of the counselor is focused on teaching mathematics, as well as helping students navigate the social and emotional aspects of living in a mathematical community. Note that you may apply for both positions, but the applications are separate.

Administrators will help run the logistics of the Ross Program. In particular, some of the possible duties for administrative assistants include

  • Keeping an agenda and running meetings
  • Delegating tasks
  • Communicating with campus (e.g. booking rooms, schedules for building usage, emergency situations, etc.)
  • Communicating with parents
  • Organizing different events (e.g. intro/farewell ceremony, talent show)
  • Shopping trips and other transportation/travel
  • Picking up and distributing mail
  • Supervision of participants
  • Managing a calendar of events
  • Photography
  • Helping to manage announcements
  • Distributing problem sets
  • Moderating communication channels within the camp
  • Payroll and reimbursements

It is expected from the administrators to have the same social responsibilities as camp counselors, such as

  • Providing social and emotional support for the participants
  • Being a role model for participants in modeling healthy academic, social, and life behaviors
  • Supervising participant safety

It is not required or expected for administrators to have a strong mathematical background. We encourage you to apply whatever your mathematical experience! If you do have mathematical experience and would like to teach some math, this may be possible for additional compensation.