Each counselor will be assigned a family of about 4-6 students. Counselors carry out several duties, which include

  • Teaching mathematics; this includes:
    • Regular family time gatherings, e.g. reviewing number theory material or going into more depth with material from lectures
    • Grading problem sets
    • Guiding participants in navigating problem sets and mathematical exploration
  • Learning mathematics; this includes:
    • Engaging in advanced lectures and courses (as a participant or assistant)
    • Engaging in and facilitating mathematical discussion
  • Providing social and emotional support for the participants, such as:
    • Encouraging students in their mathematical pursuits
    • Helping students to collaborate effectively and kindly with each other
    • Being a role model for participants in modeling healthy academic, social, and life behaviors
  • Supervising participant safety

We expect our counselors to have content experience with mathematics and mathematical proof writing and some amount of experience teaching. Counselors may be called upon to help support and carry out administrative tasks, for which they are additionally compensated. The bulk of administrative tasks, however, will be delegated to administrators.